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Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Pet Care Kit
  • 110min Usage
  • Control by Smart Phone
  • Vibrate Tapping : Vibrate tapping is 5000 times per minutes, helps to kill mites hidden in the mattress efficiently and protects the fabric at the same time.
  • UV Light Tube : UV-C is the most suitable wave length for ultraviolet ray. The wave length is 200-280nm, WP606 adopts 253.7nm wave length, it can avoid harming human tissue caused by too long wave length and invalid sterilization caused by too short wave length.
  • Straight Suction Port : Straight suction port remove the dust mite, scurf and hair on the surface directly. Do not worry about hair tanglement.
  • Hot Air Output : Hot air output from the bottom of the machine. The research result shows that the temperature of the hot air could exceed 57℃, which could make the hangnail and sucker of mites feet are not work. High temperature to kill mites and remove dampness easily.
  • Fine stainless steel filter mesh + HEPA-12 : Fine stainless steel filter mesh blocks most dust mites, hair and dander. It is convenient to clean. Only a few tiny dust can pass through the filter mesh and attach to the HEPA, reducing the cleaning frequency of HEPA effectively and achieving no consumables truly.
  • Dust Cup : Dust cup is on the top of machine, one button to disassemble, it is easy to clean.